Health and nutrition


At Golden Foods Snacks, our first concern is quality and keeping our products as close as we can to the way nature provides them to us.

Besides raw seeds and nuts, which preserve most of the beneficial properties, we have a wide range of roasted seeds and nuts, more delicious than the raw ones. The processes of roasting, drying or baking used by our specialists are the most safe and hygienic on the market, and products from these processes are not altered in a way that would in any way harm our costumers health, on the contrary.

Also, our range includes dried fruits, not candied fruits. And through the drying process the beneficial remain in the fruit in a large quantity - unlike most candied fruits on the market that are improperly called dried fruits.


All Golden Foods Snacks products are kept in excellent storage conditions, at optimum constant temperature, and away from direct sunlight. We give our best to always offer quality and tasty products to all our customers.