Social Responsibility Policy

GOLDEN FOODS SNACKS SRL is committed to recognizing and respecting all applicable laws and regulations for minimum standards in the field, the provisions contained in conventions International Labour Organization and other requirements under the statute relevant, whichever is less rigorous social standards and environmental provisions of national legislation effect and take appropriate measures for implementation and compliance, to respect the fundamental rights of the employees recognized nationally and internationally.

Social responsibility and working conditions are essential for the development of the company.

Through this policy, GOLDEN FOODS SNACKS S.R.L. has proposed to follow and respect the following principles:
  • Apply best practices on workplace;
  • Comply with national laws, other applicable laws and other requirements;
  • Provide all necessary resources for proper implementation of the management system of social responsibility;
  • To review a permanent policy of the better continue ensuring that it is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all staff;
  • To comply with all requirements of the standard SA 8000: 2014 on: child labor, forced and compulsory labor, health and safety, freedom of association and right to collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours and remuneration;
  • To implement and maintain the system respecting the requirements of the standard on social responsibility;

  • Ensure communication, understanding, analyzing, improving and enforcing the policy and objectives of social responsibility at all levels of society;
  • Communicate within the organization the importance of meeting legal requirements and regulations and requirements related to social responsibility;
  • Ensuring the necessary human and material resources;
  • Ensure the functioning and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of social responsibility;
  • Perform periodic analysis of the effectiveness of social responsibility;

It is aimed at continuously improving the system so having as guarantee competence, responsibility and involvement of all hierarchical levels to achieve the objectives set.
Ensure constant communication with customers, suppliers, all persons working for or on behalf GOLDEN FOODS SNACKS S.R.L with the local community and stakeholders.
The provisions of this policy shall be communicated to all staff of the organization, which has the obligation to be actively involved in the implementation of all commitments in this policy.

Date: 01.10.2016