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Roasted and Salted Corn Seeds

Corn is another plant with miraculous properties for the human body, but at the same time, roasted corn is a very tasty snack. So why not combine the healthy with the tasty, eating delicious roasted corn during your favorite activities?

Proprietati nutritive (g/100g produs):
Energy 397
Protein 25.67
Carbohydrates 62.2
Fats 11.7
Fiber 8.6
  • 60g
  • 250g
  • 500g
  • 2500g
Vezi aici unde poti gasi toate produsele noastre.
Porumb prajit sarat
Did you know?:
Corn is a cereal crop with many therapeutic properties. Among these we mention the intestinal transit. Also, thanks to the poli-unsaturated fat acids, corn consumption confronts the increase of cholesterol in the blood.

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